A Million Trees

Adventures in saving the planet

I found Shaklee about 4 months ago when I was consulting just outside of New York City.  I had been talking with clients and coworkers as we were all becoming increasingly alarmed about global warming. 

One day I asked another consultant “What have you done to reduce your carbon footprint on the earth?”  He said  “I purchased Shaklee household cleaners.”  I said “Oh?” He went on to tell me they are green seal certified – he raved about these household products and said they were the best cleaners he had ever used, they were environmentally safe and he knows they are non-toxic for his wife and small children at home…

I was intrigued and immediately started researching Shaklee.  I was thrilled to find they are the most green company I had ever found.  They were the first company to be recognized as carbon neutral back in 2002.  They still believe in the golden rule and their philanthropy work toward slowing greenhouse gases and stopping global warming is priceless.  It felt like I had come home – Shaklee just fit – so I purchased the Get Clean Starter Kit that day.

Well I have had asthma for the last 20 years and I hadn’t been able to clean with regular household cleaners without being sick for days afterward.  I was so excited to find that by using the Get Clean products – I could clean my home and I didn’t get sick.  I think that was a real ah ha moment for me.  I wasn’t making a big sacrifice by using environmentally safe products – I was reaping a benefit by experiencing better health.

So I would say I am thrilled with my purchase of the Shaklee Get Clean Starter Kit. Not only am I reducing over 100 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and eliminating 248 pounds of greenhouse gases – I am breathing better and growing stronger everyday that I am not exposed to toxic chemicals in my home.


I hope my story inspires you to start making changes in your life to reduce your footprint on the earth.  Shaklee is a company for today – these products aren’t wimpy – they’ll amaze you and they’re economical.  To give you an idea – a bottle of window cleaner that you will mix by adding 2 drops of H2 cleaner to 16 oz of your water will cost you a penny.  So please choose environmentally safe products and make the change today – it’ll be good for you, your family and the planet.  Best of all – you’ll be making a change toward stopping global warming and that is priceless. 





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