A Million Trees

I’m the proud owner of 20 trees and carbon neutral!

Wow!  I feel empowered…  I just finished ordering 20 trees from the Arbor Day Foundation.  I had SO MUCH FUN shopping…  I got black walnuts (for us), bur oak (acorns for the bears and wildlife), apricots and apple, red maple and white pine.  I’ve ordered in plenty of time for fall shipment.

 Have you calculated your impact on the earth?  Check out my link for A Million Trees and donate to the Shaklee A Million Trees A Million Dreams campaign then jump onto my link for the Arbor Day Foundation and pick out some trees to plant in your yard, woodlot, community park or school.

Come on!  Jump in – the water is fine.  Tree’s will absorb carbon emissions and help slow the ice melt and keep it that way!! 

 Warm Regards,

 Angie Silberberger

Doing Our Part to Protect the Next Generation

Independent Shaklee Distributor

Toll Free:  1-877-765-0047
E-mail:  upnorth@shaklee.net
Website:  http://www.shaklee.net/upnorth
Blogsite:  http://www.angieupnorth.wordpress.com/

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