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UC Berkeley Landmark Study Published – CNN and others to air

Please forward this to everyone you care about…  CNN and the other major news outlets will be releasing this story in the coming days and weeks.  This new study is going to change the way we all think of vitamins and supplements – and the companies that manufacture and market them.

Peer Review of a recent clinical study conducted by the University of California Berkeley has been completed.  This study has been dubbed the “Landmark Study” and will be the groundbreaking baseline for future clinical studies. 
Shaklee Corporation based in Pleasonton, CA came out on top of it’s game as the ONLY company that has proof  their vitamins and supplements work and have an impact on disease states.
The table below summarizes some of the key Landmark Study findings.  Read on to  access the PDF link at the end of this article for the full report.

The numbers are fascinating.  You’ll see that taking no multi-vitamin may be safer than taking other company brands.  Shaklee Corporation  came out of the study with bragging rights that it’s users had markedly lower incidence of coronary heart disease, angina, congestive heart failure, diabetes, stroke and emphysema not to mention lower homocysteine, LDL,(bad cholesterol), Triglycerides and higher HDL (good cholesterol). 

Landmark Study Key Findings

Landmark Study Released!Please

50th Anniversary Landmark Study  – Do vitamins and supplements really work?  Read for yourself:

The groundbreaking study of long-term dietary supplement users showed that people who took Shaklee supplements had markedly better health than both multivitamin and non-supplement users alike.   The attached PDF is long, but could make a huge difference in your health!   Remember these are powerful food sources, never take them on an empty stomach!

Nutrition Journal 2007, 6:30doi:10.1186/1475-2891-6-30 
Usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users: a cross-sectional study:

Gladys Block , Christopher D Jensen , Edward P Norkus , Tapashi B Dalvi , Les G Wong , Jamie F McManus  and Mark L Hudes  

Abstract (provisional)  Published October 24, 2007 



Dietary supplement use in the United States is prevalent and represents an important source of nutrition. However, little is known about individuals who routinely consume multiple dietary supplements. This study describes the dietary supplement usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of long-term multiple dietary supplement users, and where possible makes comparisons to non-users and multivitamin/mineral supplement users.


Using a cross-sectional study design, information was obtained by online questionnaires and physical examination (fasting blood, blood pressure, body weight) from a convenience sample of long-term users of multiple dietary supplements manufactured by Shaklee Corporation (Multiple Supp users, n=278). Data for non-users (No Supp users, n=602) and multivitamin/mineral supplement users (Single Supp users, n=176) were obtained from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) 2001-2002 and NHANES III 1988-1994. Logistic regression methods were used to estimate odds ratios with 95% confidence intervals.


Dietary supplements consumed on a daily basis by more than 50% of Multiple Supp users included a multivitamin/mineral, B-complex, vitamin C, carotenoids, vitamin E, calcium with vitamin D, omega-3 fatty acids, flavonoids, lecithin, alfalfa, coenzyme Q10 with resveratrol, glucosamine, and a herbal immune supplement. The majority of women also consumed gamma linolenic acid and a probiotic supplement, whereas men also consumed zinc, garlic, saw palmetto, and a soy protein supplement. Serum nutrient concentrations generally increased with increasing dietary supplement use. After adjustment for age, gender, income, education and body mass index, greater degree of supplement use was associated with more favorable concentrations of serum homocysteine, C-reactive protein, high-density lipoprotein cholesterol, and triglycerides, as well as lower risk of prevalent elevated blood pressure and diabetes.


This group of long-term multiple dietary supplement users consumed a broad array of vitamin/mineral, herbal, and condition-specific dietary supplements on a daily basis. They were more likely to have optimal concentrations of chronic disease-related biomarkers, and less likely to have suboptimal blood nutrient concentrations, elevated blood pressure, and diabetes compared to non-users and multivitamin/mineral users. These findings should be confirmed by studying the dietary supplement usage patterns, health, and nutritional status of other groups of heavy users of dietary supplements.
The complete article is available as a provisional PDF. The fully formatted PDF and HTML versions are in production.


Shaklee Corporation has been a respected provider of health and wellness products for over half a century.  The company founder, Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee invented the multi-vitamin in 1915.  In 2000, Shaklee was recognized by President Bill Clinton as the first to achieve “Carbon Neutral” status.  

NASA astronauts have used a Shaklee product for years called AstroAide to prevent loosing consciousness due to severe dehydration as they re-enter earth’s atmosphere.  Fifty two Gold Medalist Olympians have achieved their dream using Shaklee sports and nutrition products even though the company does not pay for athlete endorsements.  

The company has invested an impressive $250 million in scientific research and quality control to ensure their products truly impact key health biomarkers.  The company also ensures their products contain the quanities and pure ingredients they identify on the label.  The company’s standard for their vitamins and supplements is pure – a standard which is higher than organic.

To find out more about Shaklee vitamins and supplements you can find them at http://www.shaklee.net/upnorth.

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This is awesome! I have friends that tell me of their health problems at their young ages. Some roll their eyes when I say, “…but Shaklee is DIFFERENT!” Now we have the PROOF!

Comment by Beth

You and I know that it is different. I would have never believed it but because of Shaklee’s mission to protect our planet – I gave them a chance. I have had asthma and many trips to the hospital for 20 years now and a very serious bout this summer. After 4 months of taking multiple supplements – I was tested at the St. Paul Lung Clinic by a doctor specializing in pulmonary medicine. I am now negative for asthma – just barely – but negative. I walked out of the office in disbelief – but took off on a 2 mile walk on a beautiful fall day. I needed time to digest that I no longer was considered to have a chronic illness I have had for 20 years. That is priceless.

Comment by angieupnorth

What supplements were you taking? The reason I ask is because someone I know has asthma pretty bad and I’d like him to try these.

Comment by Dan Niemchak

As a Registerd Nurse and Health Advisor, it is important for me to recommend supplementation programs that I know are safe and effective.
I am very excited to have this landmark study to share with physicians and other health providers so that we can work together as integrative health providers, offering products that can make a difference in a persons over all health.
The results are amazing!!

Comment by Rochelle Dykstra R.N.

Thirty five years ago when I tried Shaklee supplements, I knew I felt so much better. People looked at me like I was making up a story, but my body was a great laboratory for me to tell the difference. What wonderful news that a Landmark Study proves what I’ve felt all along.

Comment by Ann Westergaard

We were blessed to be introduced to the Shaklee supplements 15 years ago. Both my husband and I had health issues then; here we are now almost 65 and 68, great health, no drugs, just Shaklee! We are not surprised at the results of this Landmark Study – as we are ourselves examples of the results!

Comment by Joanne and Ray Estes

I love shaklee supplements too!

Comment by NutritionGuy

Oprah made sure she showed her favorite cleaners today – H2 was sited as her favorite. Her guest was more interested in self promotion but Oprah is obviously a believer along with the rest of us and let folks know that Shaklee has her approval!

Sloan Barnett was on Today discussing how to ensure our children are sent off with the best organic nutrition possible. It feel sso good to be part of a company that is doing so much to protect our health and the planet!!!!

Comment by angieupnorth

I loved this. How exciting to be a part of such a great company and to have been a part of this study. Thank you to all involved in making this possible.

Comment by LaRue Wright

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