A Million Trees

Body Burden Challenge #3

Our family farm of my childhood is selling this week and it’s been a chance to reclaim youthful memories and create new family ties to weather the changes we are undergoing now that our parents are gone.

It’s a sentimental time for me and I decided to make body burden challenge #3 about reclaiming and reusing.  I was reminded this week of the simple joy that is found in living the life of a farmer.  I grew up with very few ‘things’ and what we had, my father was very proud to say we owned.  It’s no different than what Suze Orman preaches now really.  People first, then money, then things.  And so the wisdom of the generations continue across decades and economic class. 

I’ve found the person you just wrote off as a never do well may be a millionaire and the people you are sure are financially superior just filed bankrupcy.  So I believe there is honor in living a life of no frills, valuing people and money before things and to be debt free (or using leverged debt to increase weath but that’s another topic and another day).

During our household and tool auction this week – men and women came together to claim the new “old” things of our family.  New to them but old in age.  It reminded me of my purchase at Savers recently to replace the set of pots and pans my daughter took with her when she moved out.  They were heavy, Oneida stainless steel – worn but solid and stable.  I was thrilled to have a brand new “old” set for $18 and I consciously made a decision to reduce and reuse.

If we all decide to reduce supply and demand of manufactured goods – there will be much less carbon emissions from the manufacturing and transportation of new goods.  We will be putting less in the landfills and putting our money where our mouth is – so to speak.   We’ll be reducing the toxins we are generating and sending to the landfills – less lead, mercury, aluminum, packaging, plastics and many of the untested chemicals in the products sold.  Watch the faces of the young people you know as they watch you doing your part to protect the world they are inheriting – you will experience the joy of being a leader in your little part of the world.  That is something to feel good about.

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