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Body Burden Challenge #5


Tis the Season for Glass NOT Plastic!

My daughters are getting glass storage containers for Christmas this year.  I shudder at the thought of the hormone simulating chemicals leaching into their food as they eat, drink and worst of all microwave their plastic and then eat food from the containers.  I’m not stopping there either – my 3 year old and 6 month old grandsons are getting sippy cups from a ‘safe plastic’ manufacturer.  I hear they are available at Babies R Us.

Gone are the days for me of blissful ignorance and bullet proof abandon.   I’m sure I am mortal and I’m doubly sure I want to protect really the only thing that matters to me – my family.  So this Christmas season think glass not plastic and sleep a little better that you are doing one more thing to reduce the chance of breast cancer or the chance of strange sexual behavior in your family. 

I’m not making this stuff up – look at the resources on my blog – trusted, respected resources.  In many cases – government resources and then run to your cabinets – dash down your plastic into the recycle bin and go to the second hand store and find some good old fashioned refrigerator glass dishes with glass lids just like Grandma used to use.

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I’m author and environmental consultant John Banta. I am glad to hear about your commitment to our environment. I have started a new blog. Each day for the next year I’m going to be posting a new tip for becoming an environmental steward for our home and planet. It will take about one minute a day to learn about that day’s goal. If it’s something you’re already on board with then that’s great, but if not – plan on spending another 5 minutes learning more about the objective and ten minutes making it so. That’s why I call it 1:5:10:365.

This week I am beginning by taking stock of our energy and resource profile. I’m hoping everyone will make a minimum commitment to spend one minute a day considering something new they can do to help.

Thanks for doing your part.

John Banta

Comment by John Banta

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