A Million Trees

My Green Passion

 A Million Trees A Million Dreams

Have you ever fallen head over heals in love?  I mean really head first, lopsided, upside down, do anything for, crazy kind of love?  Well I’m crazy for my green business with Shaklee.

I was interviewed by my business leaders this evening so that others could hear my story.  You gotta love a company that allows the field to sponsor events like “WINGS” or Women Inspiring New Growth Strategies”.

The job that God has been preparing me for all my life – is my Green Business and my Passion.  It’s Shaklee.  I had severe asthma for 20 years – my pulmonologist declared me asthma free in October.  Why is that?  Shaklee… 

The crazy thing is if you look back at the beginning entries of my blog – you can read what it was like for me THEN.   Well, this is what it’s like for me NOW.  I’m so thankful for the safe, pure products that Shaklee ensures will cause NO HARM to People, Pets OR the PLANET!  I’m thankful that my health has returned to me.

The other blessing I am so very grateful for is the opportunity to touch others lives with health and financial income.  I’m helping young women, my doctor, engineers, nurses, teachers and my insurance agent to name just a sampling of people I’ve reached.  They are all benefiting by the Shaklee products and our opportunity for additional income.

I’m madly in love with Shaklee and so very happy to have found my green passion in life.  I’ve been given an opportunity to help thousands of people with this new business and for that I thank God for everything I went through to reach this time and place in my life.



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Nice blog….well done!

Debbie Mumm, The Allergy Queen

Comment by adoptioncoach

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