A Million Trees

The Next Great Industrial Revolution – Green Jobs
Loutherbourg d. J., Philipp Jakob
Coalbrookdale 1801 Artist: Loutherbourg d. J., Philipp Jakob

Change is coming so we hear in this election.  The world is changing at an accelerated pace over the last 200 years.  It’s amazing really – civilization has been on a colision course toward destroying the world since the first industrial revolution

For sure – things will change but will it be good change?  I say it absolutely HAS to be the change that will save our earth from total destruction.  I know I sound like an alarmist… it’s because I’m alarmed.  How greedy are you?  I mean really…  If you were told your child has 20 years to live unless you change everything you’re doing right now – would you?

Are you concerned for your job?   How about blue collar jobs, small businesses, the credit crisis, the stock market fall, hurricanes, tornados, wildfires, and drought?  Global warming… is man made and we must think about the future of our children and grandchildren.

Make the right choice on November 4th – vote for the candidate that will truly bring change to America and bring us out of this economic disaster.

Vote Obama

Recession Proof Your Life
The Great Depression

The Great Depression

My parents were children during the Great Depression.

If I learned anything during my life, it has been don’t live on credit and keep your money in safe vehicles like municipal bonds. 

During the Great Depression, the stock market lost 90% of stock values over several years.  That’s why I’m in the stock market I guess!  But I must tell you that the first good rebound I can catch, I’m bailing…

My mother told the story of her Dad working for $1 a day as a farm hand.  He had found work miraculously with 10 hungry mouths to feed and no money, no food, and no jobs in the country.  She recalled having to sweep the kitchen floor free of snow before they started the woodstove to boil water.

Every day that winter, the children were sent out to the snow covered, windswept cornfield a short distance from the house.  She would tell how they would plunge their bare hands into the ice capped snow in search of corn cobs left behind during harvest.  They collected stripped corn cobs into their shirt coats and then as the oldest child, my mother would lead them all back to the sanctuary of that woodstove warmed kitchen and hand the frozen cobs off to my grandmother.  She would deposit the cobs into the boiling water and they would all wait as the mixture boiled down into a kind of corn cob mush.

Her parents kept them alive that winter with that mush, a little sugar and milk from a cow they were fortunate enough to have for milk.

That’s tough…  People were kinder then in our agricultural society… 

Today our country is being drained of billions of money for a war to secure foreign oil for big oil, hurricanes brought on by global warming continue to devastate our coastlines and contribute to the surge in unemployement and foreclosures further pressuring our strained American economy.

It’s time for pulling in and protecting your family and the best thing you can do right now is get out of debt and save in a FDIC insured bank.  Are you working right now?  Then do what you can while you can…

Find a second source of income and recession proof your life.  We have to quit living beyond our means as Americans.  Each of us must do our part to stop pouring carbon emissions into our atmosphere.  It’s time to help humanity and pull together during the coming days, months, and years.  And please do something new every chance you can to live green…  for the future of our children.

I can help you build a second revenue stream with our green business. People are contacting me faster than I can get back to them since this crisis.  It’s a perfect time to join our team and let’s build a better future together with your own carbon neutral health and wellness business.  We can all do this together.  There is hope for a better future and one thing I know to be true – change is coming.