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Body Burden Testing continued

When my daughter Stephany was 5 months old – a crop dusting plane came out of the blue sky unannounced over our home one day.  It flew back and forth past my daughters open bedroom window spraying pesticides as it went.  It was hot, we had no air conditioning and as a young mother I had no idea nor had I been warned about the damage pesticides could do to my baby. 

The next day my husband and I watched as her eyes darted back and forth  in her head, her body became limp as a rag doll and frothy saliva flowed from one side of her mouth.  We thought we were loosing her – we rushed her to the hospital where we heard her shreek in pain as they did a spinal tap among other testing.  I’ll never forget that day.  They couldn’t determine the cause of her convulsive trauma but today I know what caused it – pesticides from that plane.

Fast forward to recent years – I used cleaners to scrub my bathtub that would take my breath away and make me sick for 3 days afterward.  If I cleaned my oven – I’d be incapacitated for days so other family members would have to clean it for me.  My daughter Stephany was developing increased sensitivities to retail cleaning products also but she continued using them through the births of both her sons.  My daughter Dawn has ADD which is being directly linked to household cleaners now.  She is especially vulnerable toxic carpet cleaning shampoos and chemicals.

They have found in Washington State that if children eat organic foods and are not expsoed to pesticides in the home (anybody using the Orkin Man out there) – they have significantly lower body burden test results than other children.

I found Shaklee Get Clean concentrated cleaners because I was concerned about making changes to reduce global warming.  A coworker had told me they are environmentally safe for the planet and non-toxic for his family. We used them and found we have health benefits along with eliminating 108 pounds of packaging waste from landfills and 248 pounds of greenhouse gases. They don’t make us sick – period – and H2 is Green Seal Certified so I know it’s not going to add to our already chemically burdened bodies.

A member can purchase the Get Clean Starter Kit  for about $150 and it is the equivalent of $3400 of retail home care products.  It’s a no brainer really – and they’ve been  3rd party tested and proven to outperform products like Spray and Wash, Shout, Pledge Wipes, All, Windex to name a few.  Oprah uses them in her home and studio and raved about them on a show in May of this year.  Leonardo Decaprio’s “11th Hour” , etc etc.  You can order the kit at : http://www.shaklee.net/upnorth/prodHou .  You’ll find that most of your retail cleaners are classified as hazardous materials.  You’ll find a government link at my blog where you can look up your brand name household product,  so check with your local services how you can dispose of them.  Get them out of your house and stop breathing in chemicals.  Cancel your Orkin contract while you’re at it.