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God Bless the Firemen

My husband grew up in California.  It is still home to his family and they have lived in northern San Diego for many years.  At one point during the coverage of the fires this week I was sure I saw them in a stadium bleary eyed and arms crossed.  I called my husband to confirm.  Well, he watched for awhile and saw what I meant but it was not them.  They had fled to a comfortable family members home and were out of harms way.  If the fire wouldn’t have turned due to a shift in the wind direction – their home would have been lost.  Fortunately for them, everyone is back home and all is intact. 

I remember when my daughter Stephany was 6 years old she was making a peanut butter sandwich with her big sister in the kitchen with her.  I was a couple of rooms away.  My daughter Dawn came running into my room in a panic and said that Stephany was on fire.  I rushed into the kitchen to find her sleeve in flames and I grabbed her and shoved her arm under the water faucet.  I saw the burns on her hand and sleeve and called 911 in an absolute panic.  Normally I’m calm in emergency situations – fire terrifies me.

God bless the firemen.  They came rushing in on that cold, snowy day and appraised the situation.  Stephany had been sledding and so her little arm had been protected by 2 layers of heavy clothing.  She had received 2nd degree burns on her hand .

I salute all the heroes in California this week and want everyone that suffered losses to know that our family is praying for them.   Stay safe and protect your health the best you can by wearing respirator masks and staying indoors.  Use an air purifier that will remove the smoke from your indoor air if you can.  Our business delivers right to your door and we have a mobile unit for your car or hotel room and a larger unit that will cover up to 3000 sq feet.

Rest heals and restores the body so try to get extra during this time of high stress.  It’s important to take B vitamins and calcium magnesium to help calm frazzled nerves.  It is a devastating situation of incomprehensible proportion.  And again, God Bless the Firemen for risking their lives to stand down the fires.

Warm Regards,

 Angie Silberberger

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