A Million Trees

And Now the Rest of the Story…

America lost a true American yesterday – Paul Harvey passed away among family and friends in a Arizona hospital yesterday.  He was 90 years old. 

I grew up listening to Paul Harvey from our farm kitchen window to the world.  Commentators are speaking of Paul Harvey as a conservative – I guess I never thought of him as convervative or liberal – he was someone I knew instinctively I could trust.  I think Paul Harvey and my father would have been great friends.   My father was elected to the ASCS office for 21 years in a row despite being a passionate Democrat in a very Republican county.  

How did he manage that you ask?  He carried out his responsibility of distributing farm grants with fairness, honesty, integrity and honor.  Dad loved people and it showed in his interactions and yet make no mistake he was the epitimy of the Democratic Farm Labor party.  Dad and Paul both lived in the era long past of civility, even handed justice, and steering clear of controversy that would tarnish your good name.  

Paul Harvey was a friend, companion, voice of reason and ray of sunlight during my youth.  I am saddened the country has lost someone so dear to so many but glad he has reunited with his precious “Angel” .  It’s exciting to think that Paul Harvey and his wife “Angel ” are exploring the next chapter in their lives and together again.  They truly know “the Rest of the Story” now….